GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
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1/* Expand builtin functions.
2 Copyright (C) 1988-2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
4This file is part of GCC.
6GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
7the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
8Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
11GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
12WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
13FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
14for more details.
16You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
17along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
18<http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */
20#ifndef GCC_BUILTINS_H
21#define GCC_BUILTINS_H
23#include <mpc.h>
25/* Target-dependent globals. */
27 /* For each register that may be used for calling a function, this
28 gives a mode used to copy the register's value. VOIDmode indicates
29 the register is not used for calling a function. If the machine
30 has register windows, this gives only the outbound registers.
31 INCOMING_REGNO gives the corresponding inbound register. */
32 fixed_size_mode_pod x_apply_args_mode[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER];
34 /* For each register that may be used for returning values, this gives
35 a mode used to copy the register's value. VOIDmode indicates the
36 register is not used for returning values. If the machine has
37 register windows, this gives only the outbound registers.
38 INCOMING_REGNO gives the corresponding inbound register. */
41 /* Nonzero iff the arrays above have been initialized. The _plus_one suffix
42 is for zero initialization to make it an unreasonable size, used to signal
43 that the size and the corresponding mode array has not been
44 initialized. */
53#define this_target_builtins (&default_target_builtins)
56/* Non-zero if __builtin_constant_p should be folded right away. */
59extern bool called_as_built_in (tree);
60extern bool get_object_alignment_1 (tree, unsigned int *,
61 unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *);
62extern bool get_object_alignment_2 (tree, unsigned int *,
63 unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *, bool);
64extern unsigned int get_object_alignment (tree);
65extern bool get_pointer_alignment_1 (tree, unsigned int *,
66 unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *);
67extern unsigned int get_pointer_alignment (tree);
68extern unsigned string_length (const void*, unsigned, unsigned);
72 /* [MINLEN, MAXBOUND, MAXLEN] is a range describing the length of
73 one or more strings of possibly unknown length. For a single
74 string of known length the range is a constant where
76 For other strings, MINLEN is the length of the shortest known
77 string. MAXBOUND is the length of a string that could be stored
78 in the largest array referenced by the expression. MAXLEN is
79 the length of the longest sequence of non-zero bytes
80 in an object referenced by the expression. For such strings,
81 MINLEN <= MAXBOUND <= MAXLEN holds. For example, given:
82 struct A { char a[7], b[]; };
83 extern struct A *p;
84 n = strlen (p->a);
85 the computed range will be [0, 6, ALL_ONES].
86 However, for a conditional expression involving a string
87 of known length and an array of unknown bound such as
88 n = strlen (i ? p->b : "123");
89 the range will be [3, 3, ALL_ONES].
90 MINLEN != 0 && MAXLEN == ALL_ONES indicates that MINLEN is
91 the length of the shortest known string and implies that
92 the shortest possible string referenced by the expression may
93 actually be the empty string. This distinction is useful for
94 diagnostics. get_range_strlen() return value distinguishes
95 between these two cases.
96 As the tighter (and more optimistic) bound, MAXBOUND is suitable
97 for diagnostics but not for optimization.
98 As the more conservative bound, MAXLEN is intended to be used
99 for optimization. */
103 /* When non-null, DECL refers to the declaration known to store
104 an unterminated constant character array, as in:
105 const char s[] = { 'a', 'b', 'c' };
106 It is used to diagnose uses of such arrays in functions such as
107 strlen() that expect a nul-terminated string as an argument. */
109 /* Non-constant offset from the beginning of a string not accounted
110 for in the length range. Used to improve diagnostics. */
114extern tree c_strlen (tree, int, c_strlen_data * = NULL, unsigned = 1);
115extern rtx c_readstr (const char *, fixed_size_mode, bool = true);
116extern void expand_builtin_setjmp_setup (rtx, rtx);
122extern rtx builtin_strncpy_read_str (void *, void *, HOST_WIDE_INT,
124extern rtx builtin_memset_read_str (void *, void *, HOST_WIDE_INT,
126extern rtx expand_builtin_memset (tree, rtx, machine_mode);
127extern rtx expand_builtin_saveregs (void);
128extern tree std_build_builtin_va_list (void);
132extern void expand_builtin_trap (void);
136extern rtx expand_builtin (tree, rtx, rtx, machine_mode, int);
138extern tree fold_builtin_expect (location_t, tree, tree, tree, tree);
140extern tree fold_call_expr (location_t, tree, bool);
141extern tree fold_builtin_call_array (location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *);
142extern bool validate_gimple_arglist (const gcall *, ...);
143extern rtx default_expand_builtin (tree, rtx, rtx, machine_mode, int);
145extern bool fold_builtin_next_arg (tree, bool);
146extern tree do_mpc_arg2 (tree, tree, tree, int, int (*)(mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t));
147extern tree fold_call_stmt (gcall *, bool);
148extern void set_builtin_user_assembler_name (tree decl, const char *asmspec);
149extern bool is_simple_builtin (tree);
150extern bool is_inexpensive_builtin (tree);
151extern bool readonly_data_expr (tree exp);
152extern bool init_target_chars (void);
153extern unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT target_newline;
154extern unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT target_percent;
155extern char target_percent_s[3];
156extern char target_percent_c[3];
157extern char target_percent_s_newline[4];
158extern bool target_char_cst_p (tree t, char *p);
159extern rtx get_memory_rtx (tree exp, tree len);
165extern bool builtin_with_linkage_p (tree);
166extern int type_to_class (tree);
168#endif /* GCC_BUILTINS_H */
rtx c_readstr(const char *, fixed_size_mode, bool=true)
Definition builtins.cc:748
tree do_mpc_arg2(tree, tree, tree, int, int(*)(mpc_ptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_srcptr, mpc_rnd_t))
Definition builtins.cc:11982
char target_percent_s_newline[4]
Definition builtins.cc:195
void expand_builtin_setjmp_setup(rtx, rtx)
Definition builtins.cc:888
unsigned int get_pointer_alignment(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:499
bool force_folding_builtin_constant_p
Definition builtins.cc:106
tree std_fn_abi_va_list(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:5242
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT target_percent
Definition builtins.cc:190
bool is_simple_builtin(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:12108
bool get_object_alignment_1(tree, unsigned int *, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *)
Definition builtins.cc:388
rtx expand_builtin_saveregs(void)
Definition builtins.cc:5134
tree std_canonical_va_list_type(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:5250
void maybe_emit_call_builtin___clear_cache(rtx, rtx)
Definition builtins.cc:6005
bool fold_builtin_next_arg(tree, bool)
Definition builtins.cc:11232
void expand_builtin_trap(void)
Definition builtins.cc:5903
tree mathfn_built_in_type(combined_fn)
Definition builtins.cc:2128
enum built_in_function builtin_mathfn_code(const_tree)
Definition builtins.cc:8947
char target_percent_s[3]
Definition builtins.cc:194
void expand_builtin_setjmp_receiver(rtx)
Definition builtins.cc:935
rtx expand_builtin(tree, rtx, rtx, machine_mode, int)
Definition builtins.cc:7761
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT target_newline
Definition builtins.cc:189
bool target_char_cst_p(tree t, char *p)
Definition builtins.cc:12236
bool builtin_with_linkage_p(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:12250
rtx builtin_memset_read_str(void *, void *, HOST_WIDE_INT, fixed_size_mode)
Definition builtins.cc:4202
bool validate_gimple_arglist(const gcall *,...)
Definition builtins.cc:10985
int type_to_class(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:1864
void expand_ifn_atomic_compare_exchange(gcall *)
Definition builtins.cc:6785
bool init_target_chars(void)
Definition builtins.cc:11719
void set_builtin_user_assembler_name(tree decl, const char *asmspec)
Definition builtins.cc:12088
unsigned string_length(const void *, unsigned, unsigned)
Definition builtins.cc:520
#define this_target_builtins
Definition builtins.h:53
rtx default_expand_builtin(tree, rtx, rtx, machine_mode, int)
Definition builtins.cc:11033
tree fold_builtin_call_array(location_t, tree, tree, int, tree *)
Definition builtins.cc:10910
void expand_ifn_atomic_bit_test_and(gcall *)
Definition builtins.cc:6961
tree c_strlen(tree, int, c_strlen_data *=NULL, unsigned=1)
Definition builtins.cc:578
tree mathfn_built_in(tree, enum built_in_function fn)
Definition builtins.cc:2118
internal_fn associated_internal_fn(combined_fn, tree)
Definition builtins.cc:2237
void expand_ifn_atomic_op_fetch_cmp_0(gcall *)
Definition builtins.cc:7065
rtx get_memory_rtx(tree exp, tree len)
Definition builtins.cc:1347
unsigned int get_object_alignment(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:401
tree fold_builtin_expect(location_t, tree, tree, tree, tree)
Definition builtins.cc:9088
bool is_inexpensive_builtin(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:12147
void expand_builtin_update_setjmp_buf(rtx)
Definition builtins.cc:1249
bool called_as_built_in(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:215
internal_fn replacement_internal_fn(gcall *)
Definition builtins.cc:2253
char target_percent_c[3]
Definition builtins.cc:193
bool get_pointer_alignment_1(tree, unsigned int *, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *)
Definition builtins.cc:424
rtx expand_builtin_memset(tree, rtx, machine_mode)
Definition builtins.cc:4294
void std_expand_builtin_va_start(tree, rtx)
Definition builtins.cc:5280
struct target_builtins default_target_builtins
Definition builtins.cc:86
bool avoid_folding_inline_builtin(tree)
Definition builtins.cc:10852
rtx builtin_strncpy_read_str(void *, void *, HOST_WIDE_INT, fixed_size_mode)
Definition builtins.cc:3995
tree std_build_builtin_va_list(void)
Definition builtins.cc:5234
bool readonly_data_expr(tree exp)
Definition builtins.cc:11046
tree fold_call_stmt(gcall *, bool)
Definition builtins.cc:12038
tree fold_call_expr(location_t, tree, bool)
Definition builtins.cc:10866
bool get_object_alignment_2(tree, unsigned int *, unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *, bool)
Definition builtins.cc:240
Definition machmode.h:823
const union tree_node * const_tree
Definition coretypes.h:98
union tree_node * tree
Definition coretypes.h:97
double exp(double)
Definition genmatch.cc:354
Definition genmatch.cc:365
Definition genmatch.cc:360
Definition builtins.h:71
tree off
Definition builtins.h:111
tree maxlen
Definition builtins.h:101
tree maxbound
Definition builtins.h:102
tree minlen
Definition builtins.h:100
tree decl
Definition builtins.h:108
Definition genautomata.cc:499
Definition gimple.h:353
Definition rtl.h:311
Definition builtins.h:26
fixed_size_mode_pod x_apply_args_mode[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
Definition builtins.h:32
int x_apply_args_size_plus_one
Definition builtins.h:45
int x_apply_result_size_plus_one
Definition builtins.h:46
fixed_size_mode_pod x_apply_result_mode[FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER]
Definition builtins.h:39
#define NULL
Definition system.h:50