SPECfp2000 Testing (Non-Reportable)

Testing period: Oct 11, 2004 16:28 UTC to Jun 6, 2006 00:58 UTC

Hardware Information
Model Name POWER5 1656 MHz (CHRP IBM,9117-570)
FPU Integrated
Number of CPUs 2
Secondary Cache
Memory 1024 MB

Software Information

Operating System Linux 2.6.5-7.104-pseries64
Compiler GCC SVN version
Base Flags for C, Fortran -O3 -funroll-loops -fpeel-loops -funswitch-loops
Peak Flags for C, Fortran -O3 -funroll-loops -fpeel-loops -funswitch-loops -fno-ivopts
Base Flags for C++ -O3 -funroll-loops -fpeel-loops -funswitch-loops
Peak Flags for C++ -O3 -funroll-loops -fpeel-loops -funswitch-loops -fno-ivopts

Further Data

Performance Results

Note: These are not valid SPEC for SPECfpu2000 since not all tests have been run (the Fortran 90 tests are omitted) and the tests were run only once and not three times as required by the SPEC testing rules.

Ratio of 168.wupwise

Ratio of 171.swim

Ratio of 172.mgrid

Ratio of 173.applu

Ratio of 177.mesa

Ratio of 178.galgel

Ratio of 179.art

Ratio of 183.equake

Ratio of 187.facerec

Ratio of 188.ammp

Ratio of 189.lucas

Ratio of 191.fma3d

Ratio of 200.sixtrack

Ratio of 301.apsi

Geometric Mean of Ratios

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Andreas Jaeger