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ana::bit_size_expr Class Reference

#include <access-diagram.h>

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Public Member Functions

 bit_size_expr (const svalue &num_bits)
std::unique_ptr< text_art::styled_string > maybe_get_formatted_str (text_art::style_manager &sm, const region_model &model, const char *concrete_single_bit_fmt, const char *concrete_plural_bits_fmt, const char *concrete_single_byte_fmt, const char *concrete_plural_bytes_fmt, const char *symbolic_bits_fmt, const char *symbolic_bytes_fmt) const
bool maybe_print_for_user (pretty_printer *pp, const region_model &model) const
const svaluemaybe_get_as_bytes (region_model_manager &mgr) const

Private Attributes

const svaluem_num_bits

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ bit_size_expr()

ana::bit_size_expr::bit_size_expr ( const svalue & num_bits)

Member Function Documentation

◆ maybe_get_as_bytes()

const svalue * ana::bit_size_expr::maybe_get_as_bytes ( region_model_manager & mgr) const

◆ maybe_get_formatted_str()

std::unique_ptr< text_art::styled_string > ana::bit_size_expr::maybe_get_formatted_str ( text_art::style_manager & sm,
const region_model & model,
const char * concrete_single_bit_fmt,
const char * concrete_plural_bits_fmt,
const char * concrete_single_byte_fmt,
const char * concrete_plural_bytes_fmt,
const char * symbolic_bits_fmt,
const char * symbolic_bytes_fmt ) const

◆ maybe_print_for_user()

bool ana::bit_size_expr::maybe_print_for_user ( pretty_printer * pp,
const region_model & model ) const

Field Documentation

◆ m_num_bits

const svalue& ana::bit_size_expr::m_num_bits

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