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dr_with_seg_len_pair_t Class Reference

#include <tree-data-ref.h>

Collaboration diagram for dr_with_seg_len_pair_t:

Public Types

enum  sequencing { WELL_ORDERED , REORDERED }

Public Member Functions

 dr_with_seg_len_pair_t (const dr_with_seg_len &, const dr_with_seg_len &, sequencing)

Data Fields

dr_with_seg_len first
dr_with_seg_len second
unsigned int flags

Detailed Description

This struct contains two dr_with_seg_len objects with aliasing data
refs.  Two comparisons are generated from them.   

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ sequencing


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ dr_with_seg_len_pair_t()

dr_with_seg_len_pair_t::dr_with_seg_len_pair_t ( const dr_with_seg_len & d1,
const dr_with_seg_len & d2,
sequencing seq )

Field Documentation

◆ first

dr_with_seg_len dr_with_seg_len_pair_t::first

◆ flags

unsigned int dr_with_seg_len_pair_t::flags

◆ second

dr_with_seg_len dr_with_seg_len_pair_t::second

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