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godump_container Class Reference
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Data Fields

hash_set< treedecls_seen
hash_set< const char *, false, godump_str_hashpot_dummy_types
htab_t keyword_hash
htab_t type_hash
htab_t invalid_hash
struct obstack type_obstack

Detailed Description

A container for the data we pass around when generating information
at the end of the compilation.   

Field Documentation

◆ decls_seen

hash_set<tree> godump_container::decls_seen

Referenced by go_output_typedef(), and go_output_var().

◆ invalid_hash

htab_t godump_container::invalid_hash

◆ keyword_hash

htab_t godump_container::keyword_hash

◆ pot_dummy_types

hash_set<const char *, false, godump_str_hash> godump_container::pot_dummy_types

◆ type_hash

htab_t godump_container::type_hash

◆ type_obstack

struct obstack godump_container::type_obstack

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