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ipa_topo_info Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ipa_topo_info ()

Data Fields

struct cgraph_node ** order
struct cgraph_node ** stack
int nnodes
int stack_top
value_topo_info< treeconstants
value_topo_info< ipa_polymorphic_call_contextcontexts

Detailed Description

Arrays representing a topological ordering of call graph nodes and a stack
of nodes used during constant propagation and also data required to perform
topological sort of values and propagation of benefits in the determined

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ipa_topo_info()

ipa_topo_info::ipa_topo_info ( )

Field Documentation

◆ constants

value_topo_info<tree> ipa_topo_info::constants

◆ contexts

◆ nnodes

int ipa_topo_info::nnodes

◆ order

struct cgraph_node** ipa_topo_info::order

◆ stack

struct cgraph_node** ipa_topo_info::stack

◆ stack_top

int ipa_topo_info::stack_top

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