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isra_call_summary Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 isra_call_summary ()
void init_inputs (unsigned arg_count)
void dump (FILE *f)

Data Fields

auto_vec< isra_param_flowm_arg_flow
unsigned m_return_ignored: 1
unsigned m_return_returned: 1
unsigned m_bit_aligned_arg: 1
unsigned m_before_any_store: 1

Detailed Description

Structure used to convey information about calls from the intra-procedural
analysis stage to inter-procedural one.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ isra_call_summary()

isra_call_summary::isra_call_summary ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ dump()

void isra_call_summary::dump ( FILE * f)
Dump all information in call summary to F.   

References ggc_alloc(), i, m_arg_flow, m_before_any_store, m_return_ignored, and m_return_returned.

◆ init_inputs()

void isra_call_summary::init_inputs ( unsigned arg_count)
Initialize m_arg_flow of a particular instance of isra_call_summary.
ARG_COUNT is the number of actual arguments passed.   

References gcc_checking_assert, and m_arg_flow.

Field Documentation

◆ m_arg_flow

auto_vec<isra_param_flow> isra_call_summary::m_arg_flow

Referenced by dump(), and init_inputs().

◆ m_before_any_store

unsigned isra_call_summary::m_before_any_store

Referenced by dump().

◆ m_bit_aligned_arg

unsigned isra_call_summary::m_bit_aligned_arg

◆ m_return_ignored

unsigned isra_call_summary::m_return_ignored

Referenced by dump().

◆ m_return_returned

unsigned isra_call_summary::m_return_returned

Referenced by dump().

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