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ssa_name_limit_t Class Reference

#include <pointer-query.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ssa_name_limit_t ()
bool visit_phi (tree)
void leave_phi (tree)
bool next ()
int next_phi (tree)
 ~ssa_name_limit_t ()

Private Member Functions

 DISABLE_COPY_AND_ASSIGN (ssa_name_limit_t)

Private Attributes

bitmap visited
unsigned ssa_def_max

Detailed Description

Definitions of the pointer_query and related classes.

Copyright (C) 2020-2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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Describes recursion limits used by functions that follow use-def
chains of SSA_NAMEs.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ssa_name_limit_t()

ssa_name_limit_t::ssa_name_limit_t ( )

◆ ~ssa_name_limit_t()

ssa_name_limit_t::~ssa_name_limit_t ( )

References BITMAP_FREE, and visited.

Member Function Documentation


ssa_name_limit_t::DISABLE_COPY_AND_ASSIGN ( ssa_name_limit_t )

◆ leave_phi()

void ssa_name_limit_t::leave_phi ( tree ssa_name)
Clear a bit for the PHI in VISITED.   

References bitmap_clear_bit(), ssa_name, SSA_NAME_VERSION, and visited.

Referenced by access_ref::get_ref().

◆ next()

bool ssa_name_limit_t::next ( )
Return false if the SSA_NAME chain length counter has reached
the limit, otherwise increment the counter and return true.   

References ssa_def_max.

Referenced by handle_ssa_name().

◆ next_phi()

int ssa_name_limit_t::next_phi ( tree ssa_name)
If the SSA_NAME has already been "seen" return a positive value.
Otherwise add it to VISITED.  If the SSA_NAME limit has been
reached, return a negative value.  Otherwise return zero.   

References ssa_def_max, ssa_name, SSA_NAME_DEF_STMT, and visit_phi().

Referenced by strlen_pass::count_nonzero_bytes(), and strlen_pass::count_nonzero_bytes_addr().

◆ visit_phi()

bool ssa_name_limit_t::visit_phi ( tree ssa_name)
Set a bit for the PHI in VISITED and return true if it wasn't
already set.   

References BITMAP_ALLOC, bitmap_set_bit, NULL, ssa_name, SSA_NAME_VERSION, and visited.

Referenced by access_ref::get_ref(), and next_phi().

Field Documentation

◆ ssa_def_max

unsigned ssa_name_limit_t::ssa_def_max

Referenced by next(), and next_phi().

◆ visited

bitmap ssa_name_limit_t::visited

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