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gimple-predicate-analysis.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  pred_info
class  predicate
class  uninit_analysis
struct  uninit_analysis::func_t


#define MASK_SET_BIT(mask, pos)   mask |= (1 << pos)
#define MASK_TEST_BIT(mask, pos)   (mask & (1 << pos))
#define MASK_EMPTY(mask)   (mask == 0)


typedef vec< pred_info, va_heap, vl_ptrpred_chain
typedef vec< pred_chain, va_heap, vl_ptrpred_chain_union

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MASK_EMPTY ( mask)    (mask == 0)


#define MASK_SET_BIT ( mask,
pos )   mask |= (1 << pos)
Bit mask handling macros.   

Referenced by compute_uninit_opnds_pos(), and find_uninit_use().


#define MASK_TEST_BIT ( mask,
pos )   (mask & (1 << pos))

Typedef Documentation

◆ pred_chain

The type to represent a sequence of predicates grouped
with .AND. operation.   

◆ pred_chain_union

The type to represent a sequence of pred_chains grouped
with .OR. operation.