GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
_fence Struct Reference

#include <sel-sched-ir.h>

Collaboration diagram for _fence:

Data Fields

insn_t insn
state_t state
int cycle
int cycle_issued_insns
ilist_t bnds
deps_t dc
tc_t tc
vec< rtx_insn *, va_gc > * executing_insns
int * ready_ticks
int ready_ticks_size
int issue_more
BOOL_BITFIELD processed_p: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD scheduled_p: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD starts_cycle_p: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD after_stall_p: 1

Detailed Description

Fence information.  A fence represents current scheduling point and also
blocks code motion through it when pipelining.   

Field Documentation

◆ after_stall_p

BOOL_BITFIELD _fence::after_stall_p

◆ bnds

ilist_t _fence::bnds

◆ cycle

int _fence::cycle

◆ cycle_issued_insns

int _fence::cycle_issued_insns

◆ dc

deps_t _fence::dc

◆ executing_insns

vec<rtx_insn *, va_gc>* _fence::executing_insns

◆ insn

insn_t _fence::insn

◆ issue_more

int _fence::issue_more

◆ last_scheduled_insn

rtx_insn* _fence::last_scheduled_insn

◆ processed_p

BOOL_BITFIELD _fence::processed_p

◆ ready_ticks

int* _fence::ready_ticks

◆ ready_ticks_size

int _fence::ready_ticks_size

◆ sched_next

rtx_insn* _fence::sched_next

◆ scheduled_p

BOOL_BITFIELD _fence::scheduled_p

◆ starts_cycle_p

BOOL_BITFIELD _fence::starts_cycle_p

◆ state

state_t _fence::state

◆ tc

tc_t _fence::tc

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