GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
alloc_pool_descriptor Struct Reference

#include <alloc-pool.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long created
unsigned long allocated
unsigned long current
unsigned long peak
int elt_size

Detailed Description

Store information about each particular alloc_pool.  Note that this
will underestimate the amount the amount of storage used by a small amount:
1) The overhead in a pool is not accounted for.
2) The unallocated elements in a block are not accounted for.  Note
that this can at worst case be one element smaller that the block
size for that pool.   

Field Documentation

◆ allocated

unsigned long alloc_pool_descriptor::allocated

◆ created

unsigned long alloc_pool_descriptor::created

◆ current

unsigned long alloc_pool_descriptor::current

◆ elt_size

int alloc_pool_descriptor::elt_size

◆ peak

unsigned long alloc_pool_descriptor::peak

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