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builtin_info Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for builtin_info:

Data Fields

data_reference_p dst_dr
data_reference_p src_dr
tree dst_base
tree src_base
tree size
tree dst_base_base
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT dst_base_offset

Detailed Description

Builtin info for loop distribution.   

Field Documentation

◆ dst_base

tree builtin_info::dst_base

◆ dst_base_base

tree builtin_info::dst_base_base

◆ dst_base_offset

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT builtin_info::dst_base_offset

◆ dst_dr

◆ size

◆ src_base

tree builtin_info::src_base

◆ src_dr

data_reference_p builtin_info::src_dr

Referenced by alloc_builtin().

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