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cand Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int index
int regno
int reload_regno
int nop
cand_t next_regno_cand

Detailed Description

Insn candidates for rematerialization.  The candidate insn should
have the following properies:
o no any memory (as access to memory is non-profitable)
o no INOUT regs (it means no non-paradoxical subreg of output reg)
o one output spilled pseudo (or reload pseudo of a spilled pseudo)
o all other pseudos are with assigned hard regs.   

Field Documentation

◆ index

int cand::index

◆ insn

◆ next_regno_cand

cand_t cand::next_regno_cand

Referenced by create_cand(), and do_remat().

◆ nop

int cand::nop

◆ regno

◆ reload_regno

int cand::reload_regno

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