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chain Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 chain (chain_type t)

Data Fields

enum chain_type type
enum tree_code op
tree rslt_type
struct chainch1
struct chainch2
auto_vec< drefrefs
unsigned length
auto_vec< treevars
auto_vec< treeinits
auto_vec< treefinis
gimple_seq init_seq
gimple_seq fini_seq
unsigned has_max_use_after: 1
unsigned all_always_accessed: 1
unsigned combined: 1
unsigned inv_store_elimination: 1

Detailed Description

Chains of data references.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ chain()

chain::chain ( chain_type t)

Field Documentation

◆ all_always_accessed

◆ ch1

◆ ch2

◆ combined

◆ fini_seq

◆ finis

◆ has_max_use_after

◆ init_seq

◆ inits

◆ inv_store_elimination

unsigned chain::inv_store_elimination

◆ length

◆ op

◆ refs

◆ rslt_type

tree chain::rslt_type

◆ type

◆ vars

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