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condcov Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 condcov (unsigned nblocks) noexcept(true)

Data Fields

auto_vec< size_t, 128 > m_index
auto_vec< basic_block, 256 > m_blocks
auto_vec< uint64_t, 512 > m_masks
conds_ctx ctx

Detailed Description

Context object for the condition coverage.  This stores conds_ctx (the
buffers reused when analyzing the cfg) and the output arrays.  This is
designed to be heap allocated and aggressively preallocates large buffers to
avoid having to reallocate for most programs.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ condcov()

condcov::condcov ( unsigned nblocks)

References bitmap_vector_clear(), and m_maps.

Referenced by find_conditions().

Field Documentation

◆ ctx

conds_ctx condcov::ctx

Referenced by find_conditions().

◆ m_blocks

auto_vec<basic_block, 256> condcov::m_blocks

Referenced by cov_blocks(), and find_conditions().

◆ m_index

auto_vec<size_t, 128> condcov::m_index

◆ m_maps

sbitmap* condcov::m_maps

◆ m_masks

auto_vec<uint64_t, 512> condcov::m_masks

Referenced by cov_masks(), and find_conditions().

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