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constraint_graph Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for constraint_graph:

Data Fields

unsigned int size
int * indirect_cycles
unsigned int * rep
int * eq_rep
unsigned int * pe
int * pe_rep
unsigned int * pointer_label
unsigned int * loc_label
sbitmap direct_nodes
bitmap address_taken
vec< constraint_t > * complex

Detailed Description

The constraint graph is represented as an array of bitmaps
containing successor nodes.   

Field Documentation

◆ address_taken

bitmap constraint_graph::address_taken

◆ complex

vec<constraint_t>* constraint_graph::complex

◆ direct_nodes

sbitmap constraint_graph::direct_nodes

◆ eq_rep

int* constraint_graph::eq_rep

◆ implicit_preds

bitmap* constraint_graph::implicit_preds

◆ indirect_cycles

int* constraint_graph::indirect_cycles

◆ loc_label

unsigned int* constraint_graph::loc_label

◆ pe

unsigned int* constraint_graph::pe

◆ pe_rep

int* constraint_graph::pe_rep

◆ pointed_by

bitmap* constraint_graph::pointed_by

◆ pointer_label

unsigned int* constraint_graph::pointer_label

◆ points_to

bitmap* constraint_graph::points_to

◆ preds

bitmap* constraint_graph::preds

◆ rep

unsigned int* constraint_graph::rep

◆ size

unsigned int constraint_graph::size

◆ succs

bitmap* constraint_graph::succs

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