GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dataflow Struct Reference

#include <df.h>

Collaboration diagram for dataflow:

Data Fields

const struct df_problemproblem
void * block_info
unsigned int block_info_size
object_allocator< df_link > * block_pool
bitmap out_of_date_transfer_functions
void * problem_data
unsigned int local_flags
bool computed
bool solutions_dirty
bool optional_p

Detailed Description

The specific instance of the problem to solve.   

Field Documentation

◆ block_info

◆ block_info_size

unsigned int dataflow::block_info_size

◆ block_pool

object_allocator<df_link>* dataflow::block_pool

◆ computed

◆ local_flags

unsigned int dataflow::local_flags

◆ optional_p

bool dataflow::optional_p

Referenced by df_finish_pass(), and df_set_blocks().

◆ out_of_date_transfer_functions

bitmap dataflow::out_of_date_transfer_functions

◆ problem

◆ problem_data

void* dataflow::problem_data

◆ solutions_dirty

bool dataflow::solutions_dirty

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