GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
df_mw_hardreg Struct Reference

#include <df.h>

Collaboration diagram for df_mw_hardreg:

Data Fields

rtx mw_reg
enum df_ref_type type: 16
int flags: 16
unsigned int start_regno
unsigned int end_regno
unsigned int mw_order

Detailed Description

The set of multiword hardregs used as operands to this
instruction. These are factored into individual uses and defs but
the aggregate is still needed to service the REG_DEAD and
REG_UNUSED notes.   

Field Documentation

◆ end_regno

unsigned int df_mw_hardreg::end_regno

◆ flags

int df_mw_hardreg::flags

◆ mw_order

unsigned int df_mw_hardreg::mw_order

◆ mw_reg

rtx df_mw_hardreg::mw_reg

◆ next

df_mw_hardreg* df_mw_hardreg::next

◆ start_regno

unsigned int df_mw_hardreg::start_regno

◆ type

enum df_ref_type df_mw_hardreg::type

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