GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dw_discr_value Struct Reference

#include <dwarf2out.h>

Data Fields

int pos
union { 
   HOST_WIDE_INT   sval 
   unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT   uval 

Detailed Description

Describe a single value that a discriminant can match.

Discriminants (in the "record variant part" meaning) are scalars.
dw_discr_list_ref and dw_discr_value are a mean to describe a set of
discriminant values that are matched by a particular variant.

Discriminants can be signed or unsigned scalars, and can be discriminants
values.  Both have to be consistent, though.   

Field Documentation

◆ pos

int dw_discr_value::pos

◆ sval

HOST_WIDE_INT dw_discr_value::sval

◆ uval

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT dw_discr_value::uval

◆ [union]

union { ... } dw_discr_value::v

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