GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dw_wide_int Struct Reference

#include <dwarf2out.h>

Public Member Functions

unsigned int get_precision () const
unsigned int get_len () const
const HOST_WIDE_INT * get_val () const
HOST_WIDE_INT elt (unsigned int) const
bool operator== (const dw_wide_int &) const

Data Fields

unsigned int precision
unsigned int len

Member Function Documentation

◆ elt()

HOST_WIDE_INT dw_wide_int::elt ( unsigned int i) const

References i, len, precision, wi::sign_mask(), and val.

Referenced by output_loc_operands(), and print_dw_val().

◆ get_len()

unsigned int dw_wide_int::get_len ( ) const

References len.

Referenced by print_dw_val().

◆ get_precision()

unsigned int dw_wide_int::get_precision ( ) const

References precision.

Referenced by get_full_len().

◆ get_val()

const HOST_WIDE_INT * dw_wide_int::get_val ( ) const

References val.

Referenced by attr_checksum(), attr_checksum_ordered(), and hash_locs().

◆ operator==()

bool dw_wide_int::operator== ( const dw_wide_int & o) const

References len, precision, and val.

Field Documentation

◆ len

unsigned int dw_wide_int::len

◆ precision

unsigned int dw_wide_int::precision

◆ val

HOST_WIDE_INT dw_wide_int::val[1]

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