GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
gcse_expr Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for gcse_expr:

Data Fields

rtx expr
int bitmap_index
struct gcse_exprnext_same_hash
struct gcse_occrantic_occr
struct gcse_occravail_occr
rtx reaching_reg
HOST_WIDE_INT max_distance

Detailed Description

Hash table of expressions.   

Field Documentation

◆ antic_occr

struct gcse_occr* gcse_expr::antic_occr

Referenced by insert_expr_in_table().

◆ avail_occr

struct gcse_occr* gcse_expr::avail_occr

◆ bitmap_index

int gcse_expr::bitmap_index

◆ expr

rtx gcse_expr::expr

◆ max_distance

HOST_WIDE_INT gcse_expr::max_distance

Referenced by hoist_code(), and insert_expr_in_table().

◆ next_same_hash

struct gcse_expr* gcse_expr::next_same_hash

◆ reaching_reg

rtx gcse_expr::reaching_reg

Referenced by pre_edge_insert().

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