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indices Struct Reference

#include <tree-data-ref.h>

Collaboration diagram for indices:

Data Fields

tree base_object
vec< treeaccess_fns
bool unconstrained_base

Detailed Description

Describes the evolutions of indices of the memory reference.  The indices
  are indices of the ARRAY_REFs, indexes in artificial dimensions
  added for member selection of records and the operands of MEM_REFs.
  BASE_OBJECT is the part of the reference that is loop-invariant
  (note that this reference does not have to cover the whole object
  being accessed, in which case UNCONSTRAINED_BASE is set; hence it is
  not recommended to use BASE_OBJECT in any code generation).
  For the examples above,

  base_object:        a                              *(p + x + 4B * j_0)
  indices:            {j_0, +, 1}_2                  {16, +, 4}_2
               {i_0, +, 1}_1
               {j_0, +, 1}_2

Field Documentation

◆ access_fns

◆ base_object

◆ unconstrained_base

bool indices::unconstrained_base

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