GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
loc_exp_dep Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for loc_exp_dep:

Data Fields

decl_or_value dv
rtx value
struct loc_exp_depnext
struct loc_exp_dep ** pprev

Detailed Description

A vector of loc_exp_dep holds the active dependencies of a one-part
DV on VALUEs, i.e., the VALUEs expanded so as to form the current
location of DV.  Each entry is also part of VALUE' s linked-list of
backlinks back to DV.   

Field Documentation

◆ dv

decl_or_value loc_exp_dep::dv

◆ next

struct loc_exp_dep* loc_exp_dep::next

◆ pprev

struct loc_exp_dep** loc_exp_dep::pprev

◆ value

rtx loc_exp_dep::value

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