GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
omp_for_data_loop Struct Reference

#include <omp-general.h>

Data Fields

tree v
tree n1
tree n2
tree step
tree m1
tree m2
enum tree_code cond_code
int outer
bool non_rect_referenced

Detailed Description

A structure holding the elements of:
for (V = N1; V cond N2; V += STEP) [...]
or for non-rectangular loops:
for (V = M1 * W + N1; V cond M2 * W + N2; V += STEP;
where W is V of the OUTER-th loop (e.g. for OUTER 1 it is the
the index of the immediately surrounding loop).
NON_RECT_REFERENCED is true for loops referenced by loops
with non-NULL M1 or M2.   

Field Documentation

◆ cond_code

◆ m1

◆ m2

◆ n1

◆ n2

◆ non_rect_referenced

bool omp_for_data_loop::non_rect_referenced

◆ outer

◆ step

◆ v

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