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page_entry Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct page_entrynext
struct page_entryprev
size_t bytes
char * page
struct page_groupgroup
unsigned long index_by_depth
unsigned short context_depth
unsigned short num_free_objects
unsigned short next_bit_hint
unsigned char order
bool discarded
unsigned long in_use_p [1]

Detailed Description

A page_entry records the status of an allocation page.  This
structure is dynamically sized to fit the bitmap in_use_p.   

Field Documentation

◆ bytes

size_t page_entry::bytes

◆ context_depth

◆ discarded

bool page_entry::discarded

Referenced by alloc_page(), and release_pages().

◆ group

◆ in_use_p

◆ index_by_depth

unsigned long page_entry::index_by_depth

◆ next

◆ next_bit_hint

unsigned short page_entry::next_bit_hint

◆ num_free_objects

◆ order

◆ page

◆ prev

struct page_entry* page_entry::prev

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