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recog_data_d Struct Reference

#include <recog.h>

Collaboration diagram for recog_data_d:

Data Fields

rtx operand [MAX_RECOG_OPERANDS]
rtxoperand_loc [MAX_RECOG_OPERANDS]
const char * constraints [MAX_RECOG_OPERANDS]
char is_operator [MAX_RECOG_OPERANDS]
machine_mode operand_mode [MAX_RECOG_OPERANDS]
enum op_type operand_type [MAX_RECOG_OPERANDS]
rtxdup_loc [MAX_DUP_OPERANDS]
char dup_num [MAX_DUP_OPERANDS]
char n_operands
char n_dups
char n_alternatives
bool is_asm

Detailed Description

The following vectors hold the results from insn_extract.   

Field Documentation

◆ constraints

◆ dup_loc

◆ dup_num

◆ insn

◆ is_asm

bool recog_data_d::is_asm

Referenced by constrain_operands(), and extract_insn().

◆ is_operator

char recog_data_d::is_operator[MAX_RECOG_OPERANDS]

Referenced by extract_insn(), and find_reloads().

◆ n_alternatives

◆ n_dups

◆ n_operands

◆ operand

◆ operand_loc

◆ operand_mode

◆ operand_type

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