GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
scop Struct Reference

#include <graphite.h>

Collaboration diagram for scop:

Data Fields

sese_info_p scop_info
graphite_dim_t nb_params
unsigned max_alias_set
vec< poly_bb_ppbbs
vec< dr_infodrs
isl_set * param_context
isl_ctx * isl_context
isl_schedule * original_schedule
isl_schedule * transformed_schedule
isl_union_map * dependence

Detailed Description

A SCOP is a Static Control Part of the program, simple enough to be
represented in polyhedral form.   

Field Documentation

◆ dependence

isl_union_map* scop::dependence

◆ drs

vec<dr_info> scop::drs

◆ isl_context

isl_ctx* scop::isl_context

◆ max_alias_set

unsigned scop::max_alias_set

◆ nb_params

graphite_dim_t scop::nb_params

◆ original_schedule

isl_schedule* scop::original_schedule

◆ param_context

isl_set* scop::param_context

◆ pbbs

vec<poly_bb_p> scop::pbbs

◆ scop_info

sese_info_p scop::scop_info

Referenced by scop_set_region().

◆ transformed_schedule

isl_schedule* scop::transformed_schedule

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