GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
sort_r_ctx Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

int cmp (const void *a, const void *b)

Data Fields

void * data
char * out
size_t n
size_t size
size_t nlim

Detailed Description

Like sort_ctx, but for use with qsort_r-style comparators.  Several
functions in this file are templates that work with either context type.   

Member Function Documentation

◆ cmp()

int sort_r_ctx::cmp ( const void * a,
const void * b )

References a, b, and cmp_.

Field Documentation

◆ cmp_

sort_r_cmp_fn* sort_r_ctx::cmp_

Referenced by cmp().

◆ data

void* sort_r_ctx::data

◆ n

size_t sort_r_ctx::n

◆ nlim

size_t sort_r_ctx::nlim

◆ out

char* sort_r_ctx::out

◆ size

size_t sort_r_ctx::size

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