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timer::timevar_def Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

json::valuemake_json () const

Data Fields

struct timevar_time_def elapsed
struct timevar_time_def start_time
const charname
unsigned standalone: 1
unsigned used: 1

Member Function Documentation

◆ make_json()

json::value * timer::timevar_def::make_json ( ) const
Create a json value representing this object, suitable for use
in SARIF output.   

References timer::all_zero(), children, elapsed, ggc_alloc(), i, make_json_for_timevar_time_def(), and name.

Field Documentation

◆ children

child_map_t* timer::timevar_def::children

Referenced by make_json(), and timer::pop_internal().

◆ elapsed

◆ name

const char* timer::timevar_def::name

◆ standalone

unsigned timer::timevar_def::standalone

◆ start_time

struct timevar_time_def timer::timevar_def::start_time

◆ used

unsigned timer::timevar_def::used

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