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type Struct Reference

#include <gengtype.h>

Collaboration diagram for type:

Data Fields

enum typekind kind
type_p next
int state_number
type_p pointer_to
enum gc_used_enum gc_used
union { 
   type_p   p 
   struct { 
      const char *   tag 
      struct fileloc   line 
      pair_p   fields 
      options_p   opt 
      lang_bitmap   bitmap 
      type_p   lang_struct 
      type_p   base_class 
      type_p   first_subclass 
      type_p   next_sibling_class 
      bool   wrote_user_func_for_ptr [NUM_WTK
   }   s 
   bool   scalar_is_char 
   struct { 
      type_p   p 
      const char *   len 
   }   a 

Detailed Description

Our type structure describes all types handled by gengtype.   

Field Documentation

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } type::a

◆ base_class

◆ bitmap

◆ fields

◆ first_subclass

type_p type::first_subclass

◆ gc_used

◆ kind

◆ lang_struct

◆ len

const char* type::len

◆ line

◆ next

◆ next_sibling_class

type_p type::next_sibling_class

◆ opt

◆ p

◆ pointer_to

◆ [struct]

◆ scalar_is_char

bool type::scalar_is_char

◆ state_number

◆ tag

◆ [union]

◆ wrote_user_func_for_ptr

bool type::wrote_user_func_for_ptr[NUM_WTK]

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