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vect_scalar_ops_slice Struct Reference

#include <tree-vectorizer.h>

Collaboration diagram for vect_scalar_ops_slice:

Public Member Functions

tree op (unsigned int i) const
bool all_same_p () const

Data Fields

vec< tree > * ops
unsigned int start
unsigned int length

Detailed Description

Represents elements [START, START + LENGTH) of cyclical array OPS*
(i.e. OPS repeated to give at least START + LENGTH elements)   

Member Function Documentation

◆ all_same_p()

bool vect_scalar_ops_slice::all_same_p ( ) const
Return true if all elements of the slice are the same.   

References i, length, op(), and operand_equal_p().

◆ op()

tree vect_scalar_ops_slice::op ( unsigned int i) const
Return element I of the slice.   

References i, ops, and start.

Referenced by all_same_p(), and vect_scalar_ops_slice_hash::hash().

Field Documentation

◆ length

◆ ops

vec<tree>* vect_scalar_ops_slice::ops

Referenced by op().

◆ start

unsigned int vect_scalar_ops_slice::start

Referenced by op().

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