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vtv_graph_node Struct Reference

#include <vtable-verify.h>

Collaboration diagram for vtv_graph_node:

Data Fields

tree class_type
unsigned class_uid
unsigned num_processed_children
vec< struct vtv_graph_node * > parents
vec< struct vtv_graph_node * > children
sbitmap descendants

Detailed Description

This struct is used to represent the class hierarchy information
that we need.  Each vtable map variable has an associated class
hierarchy node (struct vtv_graph_node).  Note: In this struct,
'children' means immediate descendants in the class hierarchy;
'descendant' means any descendant however many levels deep.  

Field Documentation

◆ children

vec<struct vtv_graph_node *> vtv_graph_node::children

◆ class_type

tree vtv_graph_node::class_type

◆ class_uid

unsigned vtv_graph_node::class_uid

◆ descendants

sbitmap vtv_graph_node::descendants

◆ num_processed_children

unsigned vtv_graph_node::num_processed_children

◆ parents

vec<struct vtv_graph_node *> vtv_graph_node::parents

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