GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
wi::binary_traits< T1, T2, INL_CONST_PRECISION, INL_CONST_PRECISION > Struct Template Reference

#include <wide-int.h>

Public Types

typedef generic_wide_int< fixed_wide_int_storage< int_traits< T1 >::precision > > result_type
typedef result_type operator_result
typedef bool predicate_result
typedef result_type signed_shift_result_type
typedef bool signed_predicate_result

Public Member Functions

 STATIC_ASSERT (int_traits< T1 >::precision==int_traits< T2 >::precision)

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ operator_result

◆ predicate_result

◆ result_type

◆ signed_predicate_result

◆ signed_shift_result_type

Member Function Documentation


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