GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
dw_cfi_oprnd Union Reference

#include <dwarf2out.h>

Collaboration diagram for dw_cfi_oprnd:

Data Fields

unsigned int dw_cfi_reg_num
HOST_WIDE_INT dw_cfi_offset
const chardw_cfi_addr
struct dw_loc_descr_nodedw_cfi_loc
struct dw_cfa_locationdw_cfi_cfa_loc

Field Documentation

◆ dw_cfi_addr

const char* dw_cfi_oprnd::dw_cfi_addr

◆ dw_cfi_cfa_loc

struct dw_cfa_location* dw_cfi_oprnd::dw_cfi_cfa_loc

◆ dw_cfi_loc

struct dw_loc_descr_node* dw_cfi_oprnd::dw_cfi_loc

◆ dw_cfi_offset

HOST_WIDE_INT dw_cfi_oprnd::dw_cfi_offset

◆ dw_cfi_reg_num

unsigned int dw_cfi_oprnd::dw_cfi_reg_num

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