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alloca_type_and_limit Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 alloca_type_and_limit ()
 alloca_type_and_limit (enum alloca_type type, wide_int i)
 alloca_type_and_limit (enum alloca_type type)

Data Fields

enum alloca_type type
wide_int limit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ alloca_type_and_limit() [1/3]

alloca_type_and_limit::alloca_type_and_limit ( )

Referenced by alloca_call_type().

◆ alloca_type_and_limit() [2/3]

alloca_type_and_limit::alloca_type_and_limit ( enum alloca_type type,
wide_int i )

◆ alloca_type_and_limit() [3/3]

alloca_type_and_limit::alloca_type_and_limit ( enum alloca_type type)

Field Documentation

◆ limit

wide_int alloca_type_and_limit::limit

◆ type

enum alloca_type alloca_type_and_limit::type

Referenced by pass_walloca::execute().

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