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ana::feasibility_state Class Reference

#include <exploded-graph.h>

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Public Member Functions

 feasibility_state (region_model_manager *manager, const supergraph &sg)
 feasibility_state (const region_model &model, const supergraph &sg)
 feasibility_state (const feasibility_state &other)
feasibility_stateoperator= (const feasibility_state &other)
bool maybe_update_for_edge (logger *logger, const exploded_edge *eedge, region_model_context *ctxt, std::unique_ptr< rejected_constraint > *out_rc)
void update_for_stmt (const gimple *stmt)
const region_modelget_model () const
const auto_sbitmapget_snodes_visited () const
void dump_to_pp (pretty_printer *pp, bool simple, bool multiline) const

Private Attributes

region_model m_model
auto_sbitmap m_snodes_visited

Detailed Description

A class for capturing the state of a node when checking a path
through the exploded_graph for feasibility.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ feasibility_state() [1/3]

ana::feasibility_state::feasibility_state ( region_model_manager * manager,
const supergraph & sg )

◆ feasibility_state() [2/3]

ana::feasibility_state::feasibility_state ( const region_model & model,
const supergraph & sg )

◆ feasibility_state() [3/3]

ana::feasibility_state::feasibility_state ( const feasibility_state & other)

Member Function Documentation

◆ dump_to_pp()

void ana::feasibility_state::dump_to_pp ( pretty_printer * pp,
bool simple,
bool multiline ) const

◆ get_model()

const region_model & ana::feasibility_state::get_model ( ) const

◆ get_snodes_visited()

const auto_sbitmap & ana::feasibility_state::get_snodes_visited ( ) const

◆ maybe_update_for_edge()

bool ana::feasibility_state::maybe_update_for_edge ( logger * logger,
const exploded_edge * eedge,
region_model_context * ctxt,
std::unique_ptr< rejected_constraint > * out_rc )

Referenced by starts_infinite_loop_p().

◆ operator=()

feasibility_state & ana::feasibility_state::operator= ( const feasibility_state & other)

◆ update_for_stmt()

void ana::feasibility_state::update_for_stmt ( const gimple * stmt)

Field Documentation

◆ m_model

region_model ana::feasibility_state::m_model

Referenced by get_model().

◆ m_snodes_visited

auto_sbitmap ana::feasibility_state::m_snodes_visited

Referenced by get_snodes_visited().

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