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gimple Struct Reference

#include <gimple.h>

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Data Fields

enum gimple_code code: 8
unsigned int no_warning: 1
unsigned int visited: 1
unsigned int nontemporal_move: 1
unsigned int plf: 2
unsigned modified: 1
unsigned has_volatile_ops: 1
unsigned pad: 1
unsigned int subcode: 16
unsigned uid
location_t location
unsigned num_ops
basic_block bb

Detailed Description

Data structure definitions for GIMPLE tuples.  NOTE: word markers
are for 64 bit hosts.   

Field Documentation

◆ bb

◆ code

enum gimple_code gimple::code

Referenced by make_phi_node().

◆ has_volatile_ops

◆ location

◆ modified

unsigned gimple::modified

Referenced by gimple_set_modified().

◆ next

◆ no_warning

◆ nontemporal_move

unsigned int gimple::nontemporal_move

Referenced by input_gimple_stmt().

◆ num_ops

unsigned gimple::num_ops

◆ pad

unsigned gimple::pad

◆ plf

unsigned int gimple::plf

Referenced by gimple_plf(), and gimple_set_plf().

◆ prev

◆ subcode

◆ uid

unsigned gimple::uid

◆ visited

unsigned int gimple::visited

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