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rtx_def Struct Reference

#include <rtl.h>

Inheritance diagram for rtx_def:
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Data Structures

union  u

Data Fields

enum machine_mode mode: MACHINE_MODE_BITSIZE
enum rtx_code code: RTX_CODE_BITSIZE
unsigned int jump: 1
unsigned int call: 1
unsigned int unchanging: 1
unsigned int volatil: 1
unsigned int in_struct: 1
unsigned int used: 1
unsigned frame_related: 1
unsigned return_val: 1
union { 
   unsigned int   original_regno 
   int   insn_uid 
   unsigned int   symbol_ref_flags 
   enum var_init_status   var_location_status 
   unsigned int   num_elem 
   struct { 
      unsigned int   npatterns: 16 
      unsigned int   nelts_per_pattern: 8 
      unsigned int   unused: 8 
   }   const_vector 
union rtx_def::u u

Detailed Description

RTL expression ("rtx").   
The GTY "desc" and "tag" options below are a kludge: we need a desc
field for gengtype to recognize that inheritance is occurring,
so that all subclasses are redirected to the traversal hook for the
base class.
However, all of the fields are in the base class, and special-casing
is at work.  Hence we use desc and tag of 0, generating a switch
statement of the form:
  switch (0)
    case 0: // all the work happens here
in order to work with the existing special-casing in gengtype.   

Field Documentation

◆ call

unsigned int rtx_def::call

◆ code

enum rtx_code rtx_def::code

Referenced by reload_combine_note_use().

◆ [struct]

struct { ... } rtx_def::const_vector

◆ frame_related

unsigned rtx_def::frame_related

◆ in_struct

unsigned int rtx_def::in_struct

◆ insn_uid

int rtx_def::insn_uid

◆ jump

unsigned int rtx_def::jump

◆ mode

enum machine_mode rtx_def::mode

◆ nelts_per_pattern

unsigned int rtx_def::nelts_per_pattern

◆ npatterns

unsigned int rtx_def::npatterns

◆ num_elem

unsigned int rtx_def::num_elem

◆ original_regno

unsigned int rtx_def::original_regno

◆ return_val

unsigned rtx_def::return_val

◆ symbol_ref_flags

unsigned int rtx_def::symbol_ref_flags

◆ u

union rtx_def::u rtx_def::u

◆ [union]

union { ... } rtx_def::u2

◆ unchanging

unsigned int rtx_def::unchanging

◆ unused

unsigned int rtx_def::unused

◆ used

unsigned int rtx_def::used

◆ var_location_status

enum var_init_status rtx_def::var_location_status

◆ volatil

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