GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
rtx_def::u Union Reference

#include <rtl.h>

Collaboration diagram for rtx_def::u:

Data Fields

rtunion fld [1]
HOST_WIDE_INT hwint [1]
struct reg_info reg
struct block_symbol block_sym
struct real_value rv
struct fixed_value fv
struct hwivec_def hwiv
struct const_poly_int_def cpi

Field Documentation

◆ block_sym

struct block_symbol rtx_def::u::block_sym

◆ cpi

struct const_poly_int_def rtx_def::u::cpi

◆ fld

rtunion rtx_def::u::fld[1]

◆ fv

struct fixed_value rtx_def::u::fv

◆ hwint

HOST_WIDE_INT rtx_def::u::hwint[1]

◆ hwiv

struct hwivec_def rtx_def::u::hwiv

◆ reg

struct reg_info rtx_def::u::reg

◆ rv

struct real_value rtx_def::u::rv

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