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iv_cand Struct Reference
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Data Fields

unsigned id
bool important
bool involves_undefs
enum iv_position pos: 8
tree var_before
tree var_after
struct iviv
unsigned cost
unsigned cost_step
struct iv_useainc_use
bitmap inv_vars
bitmap inv_exprs
struct ivorig_iv
bool doloop_p

Detailed Description

The induction variable candidate.   

Field Documentation

◆ ainc_use

struct iv_use* iv_cand::ainc_use

◆ cost

unsigned iv_cand::cost

◆ cost_step

unsigned iv_cand::cost_step

◆ doloop_p

bool iv_cand::doloop_p

Referenced by iv_ca_set_cp(), and iv_ca_set_no_cp().

◆ id

◆ important

bool iv_cand::important

◆ incremented_at

gimple* iv_cand::incremented_at

Referenced by add_candidate_1().

◆ inv_exprs

bitmap iv_cand::inv_exprs

Referenced by iv_ca_set_cp(), and iv_ca_set_no_cp().

◆ inv_vars

bitmap iv_cand::inv_vars

Referenced by iv_ca_set_cp(), and iv_ca_set_no_cp().

◆ involves_undefs

bool iv_cand::involves_undefs

Referenced by add_candidate_1().

◆ iv

struct iv* iv_cand::iv

◆ orig_iv

struct iv* iv_cand::orig_iv

Referenced by add_candidate(), and add_candidate_1().

◆ pos

enum iv_position iv_cand::pos

Referenced by add_candidate_1().

◆ var_after

tree iv_cand::var_after

◆ var_before

tree iv_cand::var_before

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