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text_info Struct Reference

#include <pretty-print.h>

Public Member Functions

 text_info ()=default
 text_info (const char *format_spec, va_list *args_ptr, int err_no, void **data=nullptr, rich_location *rich_loc=nullptr)
void set_location (unsigned int idx, location_t loc, enum range_display_kind range_display_kind)
location_t get_location (unsigned int index_of_location) const

Data Fields

const charm_format_spec
int m_err_no
void ** m_data
rich_location * m_richloc

Detailed Description

The type of a text to be formatted according a format specification
along with a list of things.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ text_info() [1/2]

text_info::text_info ( )

◆ text_info() [2/2]

text_info::text_info ( const char * format_spec,
va_list * args_ptr,
int err_no,
void ** data = nullptr,
rich_location * rich_loc = nullptr )

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_location()

location_t text_info::get_location ( unsigned int index_of_location) const

◆ set_location()

void text_info::set_location ( unsigned int idx,
location_t loc,
enum range_display_kind range_display_kind  )
Overwrite the given location/range within this text_info's rich_location.
For use e.g. when implementing "+" in client format decoders.   

References gcc_checking_assert, ggc_alloc(), and m_richloc.

Field Documentation

◆ m_args_ptr

va_list* text_info::m_args_ptr

◆ m_data

void** text_info::m_data

◆ m_err_no

int text_info::m_err_no

◆ m_format_spec

const char* text_info::m_format_spec

◆ m_richloc

rich_location* text_info::m_richloc

Referenced by get_location(), and set_location().

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