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poly_int_traits< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <poly-int.h>

Public Types

typedef T coeff_type
typedef poly_coeff_traits< T >::int_type int_type

Static Public Attributes

static const bool is_poly = false
static const unsigned int num_coeffs = 1

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct poly_int_traits< T >
poly_int_traits<T> describes an integer type T that might be polynomial
or non-polynomial:

- poly_int_traits<T>::is_poly is true if T is a poly_int-based type
  and false otherwise.

- poly_int_traits<T>::num_coeffs gives the number of coefficients in T
  if T is a poly_int and 1 otherwise.

- poly_int_traits<T>::coeff_type gives the coefficent type of T if T
  is a poly_int and T itself otherwise

- poly_int_traits<T>::int_type is a shorthand for
  typename poly_coeff_traits<coeff_type>::int_type.   

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ coeff_type

template<typename T >
typedef T poly_int_traits< T >::coeff_type

◆ int_type

template<typename T >
typedef poly_coeff_traits<T>::int_type poly_int_traits< T >::int_type

Field Documentation

◆ is_poly

template<typename T >
const bool poly_int_traits< T >::is_poly = false

◆ num_coeffs

template<typename T >
const unsigned int poly_int_traits< T >::num_coeffs = 1

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