GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ctf_container Struct Reference

#include <ctfc.h>

Collaboration diagram for ctf_container:

Data Fields

unsigned short ctfc_magic
unsigned char ctfc_version
unsigned char ctfc_flags
uint32_t ctfc_cuname_offset
hash_table< ctfc_dtd_hasher > * ctfc_types
hash_table< ctfc_dvd_hasher > * ctfc_vars
hash_table< ctfc_dvd_hasher > * ctfc_ignore_vars
ctf_strtable_t ctfc_strtable
ctf_strtable_t ctfc_aux_strtable
uint64_t ctfc_num_types
uint64_t ctfc_num_stypes
uint64_t ctfc_num_global_funcs
uint64_t ctfc_num_global_objts
uint64_t ctfc_num_vlen_bytes
ctf_id_t ctfc_nextid
ctf_dvdef_t ** ctfc_vars_list
uint64_t ctfc_vars_list_count
ctf_dtdef_t ** ctfc_types_list
ctf_dtdef_t ** ctfc_gfuncs_list
ctf_dvdef_t ** ctfc_gobjts_list
uint64_t ctfc_numbytes_asm
size_t ctfc_strlen
size_t ctfc_aux_strlen

Detailed Description

CTF container structure.
It is the context passed around when generating ctf debug info.  There is
one container per translation unit.   

Field Documentation

◆ ctfc_aux_strlen

size_t ctf_container::ctfc_aux_strlen

◆ ctfc_aux_strtable

ctf_strtable_t ctf_container::ctfc_aux_strtable

◆ ctfc_cuname_offset

uint32_t ctf_container::ctfc_cuname_offset

◆ ctfc_flags

unsigned char ctf_container::ctfc_flags

◆ ctfc_gfuncs_list

◆ ctfc_gobjts_list

◆ ctfc_ignore_vars

◆ ctfc_magic

unsigned short ctf_container::ctfc_magic

◆ ctfc_nextid

◆ ctfc_num_global_funcs

uint64_t ctf_container::ctfc_num_global_funcs

◆ ctfc_num_global_objts

uint64_t ctf_container::ctfc_num_global_objts

◆ ctfc_num_stypes

◆ ctfc_num_types

◆ ctfc_num_vlen_bytes

◆ ctfc_numbytes_asm

uint64_t ctf_container::ctfc_numbytes_asm

◆ ctfc_strlen

◆ ctfc_strtable

◆ ctfc_types

◆ ctfc_types_list

◆ ctfc_vars

◆ ctfc_vars_list

◆ ctfc_vars_list_count

◆ ctfc_version

unsigned char ctf_container::ctfc_version

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