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elim_table Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for elim_table:

Data Fields

int from
int to
poly_int64 initial_offset
int can_eliminate
int can_eliminate_previous
poly_int64 offset
poly_int64 previous_offset
int ref_outside_mem
rtx from_rtx
rtx to_rtx

Detailed Description

This structure is used to record information about register eliminations.
Each array entry describes one possible way of eliminating a register
in favor of another.   If there is more than one way of eliminating a
particular register, the most preferred should be specified first.   

Field Documentation

◆ can_eliminate

◆ can_eliminate_previous

int elim_table::can_eliminate_previous

◆ from

◆ from_rtx

◆ initial_offset

◆ offset

◆ previous_offset

◆ ref_outside_mem

◆ to

◆ to_rtx

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