GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
noce_if_info Struct Reference

#include <ifcvt.h>

Collaboration diagram for noce_if_info:

Data Fields

basic_block test_bb
basic_block then_bb
basic_block else_bb
basic_block join_bb
rtx cond
rtx rev_cond
rtx a
rtx b
rtx x
rtx orig_x
bool then_else_reversed
bool cond_inverted
bool then_simple
bool else_simple
bool speed_p
unsigned int original_cost
unsigned int max_seq_cost
const chartransform_name

Detailed Description

Used by noce_process_if_block to communicate with its subroutines.

The subroutines know that A and B may be evaluated freely.  They
know that X is a register.  They should insert new instructions
before cond_earliest.   

Field Documentation

◆ a

rtx noce_if_info::a

◆ b

rtx noce_if_info::b

◆ cond

rtx noce_if_info::cond

◆ cond_earliest

rtx_insn* noce_if_info::cond_earliest

◆ cond_inverted

bool noce_if_info::cond_inverted

◆ else_bb

◆ else_simple

bool noce_if_info::else_simple

◆ insn_a

rtx_insn* noce_if_info::insn_a

◆ insn_b

rtx_insn * noce_if_info::insn_b

◆ join_bb

basic_block noce_if_info::join_bb

◆ jump

◆ max_seq_cost

unsigned int noce_if_info::max_seq_cost

◆ orig_x

rtx noce_if_info::orig_x

◆ original_cost

unsigned int noce_if_info::original_cost

◆ rev_cond

rtx noce_if_info::rev_cond

◆ speed_p

bool noce_if_info::speed_p

Referenced by noce_find_if_block().

◆ test_bb

◆ then_bb

◆ then_else_reversed

bool noce_if_info::then_else_reversed

Referenced by noce_find_if_block().

◆ then_simple

bool noce_if_info::then_simple

◆ transform_name

const char* noce_if_info::transform_name

◆ x

rtx noce_if_info::x

Referenced by find_cond_trap().

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