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hash_table_d Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct cprop_expr ** table
unsigned int size
unsigned int n_elems

Detailed Description

Hash table for copy propagation expressions.
Each hash table is an array of buckets.
??? It is known that if it were an array of entries, structure elements
`next_same_hash' and `bitmap_index' wouldn't be necessary.  However, it is
not clear whether in the final analysis a sufficient amount of memory would
be saved as the size of the available expression bitmaps would be larger
[one could build a mapping table without holes afterwards though].
Someday I'll perform the computation and figure it out.   

Field Documentation

◆ n_elems

unsigned int hash_table_d::n_elems

Referenced by one_cprop_pass().

◆ size

unsigned int hash_table_d::size

Referenced by cprop_alloc().

◆ table

struct cprop_expr** hash_table_d::table

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