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vn_walk_cb_data Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 vn_walk_cb_data (vn_reference_t vr_, tree orig_ref_, tree *last_vuse_ptr_, vn_lookup_kind vn_walk_kind_, bool tbaa_p_, tree mask_, bool redundant_store_removal_p_)
 ~vn_walk_cb_data ()
void * finish (alias_set_type, alias_set_type, tree)
void * push_partial_def (pd_data pd, alias_set_type, alias_set_type, HOST_WIDE_INT, HOST_WIDE_INT)

Data Fields

vn_reference_t vr
ao_ref orig_ref
tree last_vuse
tree mask
tree masked_result
tree same_val
vn_lookup_kind vn_walk_kind
bool tbaa_p
bool redundant_store_removal_p
vec< vn_reference_op_ssaved_operands
auto_vec< pd_data, 2 > partial_defs
pd_range first_range
alias_set_type first_set
alias_set_type first_base_set
splay_tree known_ranges
obstack ranges_obstack

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr HOST_WIDE_INT bufsize = 64

Detailed Description

Context for alias walking.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vn_walk_cb_data()

vn_walk_cb_data::vn_walk_cb_data ( vn_reference_t vr_,
tree orig_ref_,
tree * last_vuse_ptr_,
vn_lookup_kind vn_walk_kind_,
bool tbaa_p_,
tree mask_,
bool redundant_store_removal_p_ )

◆ ~vn_walk_cb_data()

vn_walk_cb_data::~vn_walk_cb_data ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ finish()

◆ push_partial_def()

Field Documentation

◆ bufsize

HOST_WIDE_INT vn_walk_cb_data::bufsize = 64

Referenced by push_partial_def(), and visit_nary_op().

◆ first_base_set

alias_set_type vn_walk_cb_data::first_base_set

Referenced by finish(), and push_partial_def().

◆ first_range

pd_range vn_walk_cb_data::first_range

Referenced by push_partial_def().

◆ first_set

alias_set_type vn_walk_cb_data::first_set

Referenced by finish(), and push_partial_def().

◆ known_ranges

splay_tree vn_walk_cb_data::known_ranges

◆ last_vuse

tree vn_walk_cb_data::last_vuse

Referenced by finish(), and vn_walk_cb_data().

◆ last_vuse_ptr

tree* vn_walk_cb_data::last_vuse_ptr

◆ mask

tree vn_walk_cb_data::mask

Referenced by finish(), and vn_walk_cb_data().

◆ masked_result

tree vn_walk_cb_data::masked_result

Referenced by finish().

◆ orig_ref

ao_ref vn_walk_cb_data::orig_ref

Referenced by vn_walk_cb_data().

◆ partial_defs

auto_vec<pd_data, 2> vn_walk_cb_data::partial_defs

Referenced by push_partial_def().

◆ ranges_obstack

obstack vn_walk_cb_data::ranges_obstack

◆ redundant_store_removal_p

bool vn_walk_cb_data::redundant_store_removal_p

◆ same_val

tree vn_walk_cb_data::same_val

Referenced by finish().

◆ saved_operands

vec<vn_reference_op_s> vn_walk_cb_data::saved_operands

Referenced by finish(), and ~vn_walk_cb_data().

◆ tbaa_p

bool vn_walk_cb_data::tbaa_p

◆ vn_walk_kind

vn_lookup_kind vn_walk_cb_data::vn_walk_kind

◆ vr

vn_reference_t vn_walk_cb_data::vr

Referenced by finish(), and push_partial_def().

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