GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
pass_data Struct Reference

#include <tree-pass.h>

Inheritance diagram for pass_data:

Data Fields

enum opt_pass_type type
const charname
optgroup_flags_t optinfo_flags
timevar_id_t tv_id
unsigned int properties_required
unsigned int properties_provided
unsigned int properties_destroyed
unsigned int todo_flags_start
unsigned int todo_flags_finish

Detailed Description

Metadata for a pass, non-varying across all instances of a pass.   

Field Documentation

◆ name

◆ optinfo_flags

◆ properties_destroyed

unsigned int pass_data::properties_destroyed

◆ properties_provided

unsigned int pass_data::properties_provided

◆ properties_required

unsigned int pass_data::properties_required

Referenced by execute_one_pass().

◆ todo_flags_finish

unsigned int pass_data::todo_flags_finish

Referenced by execute_one_pass().

◆ todo_flags_start

unsigned int pass_data::todo_flags_start

Referenced by execute_one_pass(), and position_pass().

◆ tv_id

◆ type

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