GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
rtl_eh Struct Reference

#include <function.h>

Collaboration diagram for rtl_eh:

Data Fields

rtx ehr_stackadj
rtx ehr_handler
rtx sjlj_fc
vec< uchar, va_gc > * action_record_data
vec< call_site_record, va_gc > * call_site_record_v [2]

Detailed Description

RTL representation of exception handling.   

Field Documentation

◆ action_record_data

vec<uchar, va_gc>* rtl_eh::action_record_data

◆ call_site_record_v

vec<call_site_record, va_gc>* rtl_eh::call_site_record_v[2]

◆ ehr_handler

rtx rtl_eh::ehr_handler

◆ ehr_label

rtx_code_label* rtl_eh::ehr_label

◆ ehr_stackadj

rtx rtl_eh::ehr_stackadj

◆ sjlj_exit_after

rtx_insn* rtl_eh::sjlj_exit_after

◆ sjlj_fc

rtx rtl_eh::sjlj_fc

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