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auto_dump_scope Class Reference

#include <dumpfile.h>

Public Member Functions

 auto_dump_scope (const char *name, const dump_user_location_t &user_location, const dump_impl_location_t &impl_location=dump_impl_location_t())
 ~auto_dump_scope ()

Detailed Description

Implementation detail of the AUTO_DUMP_SCOPE macro below.

A RAII-style class intended to make it easy to emit dump
information about entering and exiting a collection of nested
function calls.   

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ auto_dump_scope()

auto_dump_scope::auto_dump_scope ( const char * name,
const dump_user_location_t & user_location,
const dump_impl_location_t & impl_location = dump_impl_location_t () )

◆ ~auto_dump_scope()

auto_dump_scope::~auto_dump_scope ( )

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